Digital signage apps and integrations

Castit digital signage software has a lot of apps that are completely free to use. Do you miss an app within our digital signage software? Would you like to display information on a screen that is automatically connected to your company software? That is possible! Feel free to contact us, and we will discuss how to realize that.

Youtube embeded

The application embeds a YouTube video in Castit and plays it directly from YouTube.

Limitations of the application:

  • Videos are only played if there is a stable internet connection. The video is skipped if there is no good internet connection at the moment.
  • Only works with YouTube videos
  • Only works with YouTube videos that allow embedding
  • When a video changes URL or is deleted, the application cannot play the video.

The application does not download the video. This means that you cannot play every video. You must obey the wishes of the video owner. If it does not allow embedding, you cannot play the video. If you have the video on your computer. No need to upload it to YouTube. It can be uploaded via the library and placed directly in your playlist.


Inform your visitors about your company with the LinkedIn application. Show your general company information and latest messages from your feed.

Nu Video

Be up to date with the newsflash within 90 seconds. This application shows the past news with video images.

NOS News

General news application with news from NOS news.

Photo of the Week

Upload your own images and show a different photo every week. With this application you can set which images you want to show per week number and even add your own quote or text!

Quote of the Day

Show the nicest (English or German) quotes with the Quote of the Day application.

Deutsche Nachrichten

See the latest news from Germany with De Spiegel's news application.

Metro News

With the metro news app you are always up to date with the latest Belgian news. This application can be displayed in both Dutch and French.

Weather forecast

Show the current weather and weather forecasts in your area. This application has different backgrounds to suit every season.

Website on Castit

Display your website, this application scrolls through the specified page. The application updates the display so that the information is always up-to-date.

Website print screen to app image

With this application you can make static screen recordings of your website and display them in the broadcast.

NOS Tennis

Stay up to date with the latest tennis news with the NOS Tennis app.

NOS Cycling

Stay up to date with the latest cycling news from the NOS.

NOS Football

Stay up to date with the latest football news from the NOS.


Show the nicest photos and nicest images with the Flickr app.

Experience Brielle events

Stay up to date on all upcoming events in Brielle.


Display the current time on your screen, as well as traffic information and weather forecast.


All agenda items for the coming week on your own screen. An iCal link is possible from, for example, Gmail.

NS train schedule app

View the departure times of the trains in your area, as well as current work and disruptions to the track.

Nu Business

Stay up to date with the latest business news with the Zakelijk app.

Nu tech

Stay up to date with the latest news regarding technology with the Tech app.

Nu sport

Stay up to date with the latest news regarding sports with the sport app.

Talent gezocht top vacancies

All top vacancies from the Rotterdam port and industrial area, offered by Talent-Wanted! news

Stay up to date with news from the region Voorne-Putten.


Show messages and photos from your public Facebook page. news

Stay up to date with the latest news with news.


Also display your tweets on your own screen. Or show tweets from people you follow or with a certain hashtag (#).


The current traffic situation in your area. Data is supplied by the ANWB.

Estate agents

Easily place your housing selection on your screen. Realworks (from Funda) is supported for this as standard.

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