digital signage for water sports club

Improving Internal Communication with Digital Signage for Water Sports Club

We were thrilled to partner with De Schinkel, a prestigious sailing club based in the Netherlands. 
De Schinkel engaged us to improve internal communications and provide timely information to their members. 

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Introducing the Client

De Schinkel is a well-known sailing club that promotes community involvement and active participation in water sports. Our client offers a range of activities throughout the year and is committed to instilling a sense of community in their members. Our client sought a modern solution to improve communication efforts by effectively disseminating information and keeping members up-to-date on upcoming events and big announcements.


castit digital signage for water sports club



Our client faced several challenges in their communication efforts:

  • Inefficient Internal Communication: Traditional communication channels (bulletin boards, emails, etc.) were not always successful in reaching all members on time
  • Event Promotion: Given the packed calendar of events, it was vital to promote these activities in a dynamic and engaging manner in order to maximize the impact and participation of the members
  • Member Engagement: Our client intended to make their members' experience more dynamic and engaging by giving real-time updates and vital information as soon as they reached the premises



After understanding the client's needs, we proposed our Castit Digital Signage Software as the ideal solution to address their challenges. Here’s how we implemented it.


1. Professional Screen Setup

We installed a professional screen in their main meeting room, ensuring high visibility and easy access for all members. This screen, equipped with a Chromecast for Google TV, provided a robust and reliable platform for displaying dynamic content.


2. Dynamic Content Management

Using our Castit Digital Signage Software, De Schinkel could effortlessly manage and update the content displayed on their screen. The user-friendly interface enabled them to plan messages, promote forthcoming events, and disseminate critical announcements in real time.


3. Enhanced Member Communication

The digital signage setup transformed our client’s communication strategy. Important messages and updates were now prominently displayed, ensuring that all members received the information they needed without delay. This new system also provided a platform for showcasing club activities, photos, and videos, further engaging the community.



The implementation process was smooth and efficient. We worked closely with the client to ensure the setup met their specific needs. The key steps included:

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding De Schinkel’s requirements and challenges
  2. Customized Solution: Tailoring our digital signage software to meet their needs, including content scheduling and real-time updates
  3. Installation: Setting up the professional screen and integrating the Chromecast for seamless operation
  4. Training: Providing training to client’s staff on how to use the Castit Digital Signage Software, ensuring they could manage and update content with ease



The impact of our digital signage solution on De Schinkel was profound. Here are some of the key outcomes:


1. Improved Communication Efficiency

The client saw a significant improvement in their internal communication. Important notifications were now provided in a timely manner, keeping all members informed. This new communication strategy lowered dependency on traditional techniques, making the process more efficient and time-saving.


2. Increased Event Participation

The dynamic promotion of events through digital signage led to a noticeable increase in member participation. The eye-catching displays and real-time updates kept members informed and excited about upcoming activities, resulting in higher engagement and attendance.


3. Enhanced Member Experience

The digital signage created a more interactive and engaging environment for De Schinkel’s members. Real-time updates, photos, and videos made the club’s communication more vibrant and appealing, fostering a stronger sense of community.


digital signage for water sports club


Conclusion: Castit as a Reliable Partner

Our collaboration with De Schinkel demonstrates the transformative impact of digital signage on improving communication and engagement within a community. By tackling their difficulties with a modern and dynamic solution, we assisted the client in streamlining their communication efforts and creating a more engaging atmosphere for its members.

If your company suffers from similar communication issues, we urge you to learn about the advantages of Castit Digital Signage Software. Allow us to assist you in creating a dynamic and effective communication strategy that keeps your community informed and engaged. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how they might benefit your company.


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