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Expand Your Business Horizon as a Castit Digital Signage Reseller

Are you eager to boost your portfolio with the market's leading digital signage software? Castit is calling for partners who are ready to lead the revolution in digital display. As a Castit digital signage partner, you join an elite group of resellers empowered with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled support.


Why Partner with Castit?

  • Best-in-Class Software: Castit offers the best digital signage solutions, designed to captivate and engage audiences like never before.

  • Ease of Operation: Simplicity is our mantra. Experience the easiest system for partners to jumpstart their digital signage offerings.

  • Rapid Setup: Time is money. With Castit, you can deliver the fastest digital signage setup to your clients, turning projects around in record time.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Versatility at its finest. Castit supports numerous platforms, ensuring that your solutions are always compatible and forward-thinking.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailor your offerings. Choose from a range of platforms that align with your clients' needs and enhance your value proposition.

  • High uptime: Do not worry about downtime and no need to drive and fix, we got you covered with our unparalleled support.

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Join the Future of Narrowcasting

As a narrowcasting partner, you'll be at the forefront of a burgeoning industry. Digital signage is more than just a display; it's a dynamic communication tool that transforms how businesses connect with their audience. With Castit, you'll deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine customer engagement.

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Driving Business Growth Through Lead Generation

At Castit, our partnership extends beyond providing exceptional digital signage solutions – it’s also about directly contributing to the growth of your business. We understand the importance of a consistent flow of opportunities, which is why we actively work on generating leads and passing them on to our partners.


How Castit's Lead Generation Benefits Partners:

  • Qualified Leads: We ensure that the leads we pass to our partners are pre-qualified, so you receive contact information for potential clients who have shown a sincere interest in digital signage solutions.

  • Increased Exposure: By including our partners in our marketing efforts, we help increase your brand's visibility, broadening your reach to more potential customers.

  • Revenue Growth: With a steady stream of leads from Castit, you can accelerate your sales cycle and increase your revenue potential.

  • Stronger Relationships: When we hand over leads to our partners, we're not just giving you a potential sale; we're helping you build lasting relationships with new clients.


Our Commitment to Your Expansion

We are dedicated to your success. The growth of your business reflects on us, and by working together, we can achieve more. Trust Castit to be your strength in the market, as you leverage our lead generation efforts to expand your client base and solidify your standing as a leader in digital signage.

Take advantage of Castit’s unrivaled commitment to its partners—let us help elevate your business to new heights by turning our leads into your success stories.

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Trusted by Experts, Loved by Users

Castit isn't just another software; it's a promise of reliability, innovation, and support. Our digital signage resellers enjoy:

  • Comprehensive Training: We ensure you have all the knowledge and skills to excel.

  • Dedicated Support: Our expert team is here for you, every step of the way.

  • Marketing Materials: Access to premium resources to help you attract and educate clients.

  • Competitive Advantages: Stay ahead with regular updates and exclusive features.


Hear from Our Successful Partners

"Our clients are amazed by how quickly we can set up their digital displays, all thanks to Castit!" - Jitse Boer from 2Orange

"Castit has transformed my business. The support and software capabilities give me an unbeatable edge in the market." - Andries Joosse from Klout IT


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Elevate your offerings and become a leading digital signage reseller today. Castit is not just a product; it's your next big business opportunity. Connect with us, and let's create stunning visual experiences together.

Are you prepared to lead with the best? Castit is not just about delivering exceptional digital signage; it's about building a partnership that thrives on success. Join us now and start your journey as a Castit digital signage partner.

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Our Esteemed Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a range of partners who have embraced Castit digital signage solutions to enhance their business offerings. Below is a table listing some of our existing partners:


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