Van vlierden company using Castit Digital Signage Software

Revolutionizing Communication: Van Vlierden's Custom Digital Solution with Castit

Van Vlierden, a renowned company with over 50 years of experience in green construction, partnered with Castit, a leading digital signage software solution, to revolutionize their communication strategy. By embracing digital signage and leveraging Castit's cutting-edge software, Van Vlierden transformed how they engage with their audience.


With a comprehensive approach to green construction, Van Vlierden offers design, construction, and maintenance services, providing a single point of contact for the entire project process. Their specialists excel in creating green spaces tailored to individual preferences, including modern, contemporary, and classic designs. 


Van Vlierden faced the challenge of modernizing their communication channels and engaging their audience effectively. They sought a comprehensive digital signage solution that would elevate their messaging and captivate employees and visitors. Castit was entrusted with the task of creating a custom solution that aligned with Van Vlierden's vision.

Van Vlierden discovered Castit while browsing the web and recognized its potential to modernize their communication channels with both employees and visitors. Seeking to enhance their overall communication strategy, Van Vlierden recognized the value of embracing digital signage and the opportunities it presented to effectively engage and inform their stakeholders. With Castit's advanced features and intuitive interface, Van Vlierden saw an opportunity to revolutionize their communication methods, providing a dynamic and interactive platform to deliver important messages and updates to their audience.


The potential of implementation the Castit offered Van Vlierden a comprehensive solution to their communication needs. With Castit's user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Van Vlierden could easily create and manage custom content for their digital signage displays. They could leverage the power of visual media to effectively convey information, showcase projects, and highlight their expertise in green construction. 

Whether it was displaying stunning visuals of their completed projects, sharing important announcements, or providing real-time updates on ongoing initiatives, Castit could empower Van Vlierden to deliver impactful messages to their employees and visitors.

Key Features and Implementations:

The implementation of Castit brought a range of key features and functionalities to Van Vlierden's communication strategy. With Castit digital signage software, they gained the ability to easily create and manage custom content for their digital signage displays. The user-friendly interface allowed them to design eye-catching slides, incorporate multimedia elements, and add interactive features. They could showcase their projects, provide real-time updates, and deliver important announcements with ease. 

Castit also offered scheduling capabilities, enabling them to display targeted content on multiple screens at specific times. With these key features and implementations, Van Vlierden was able to enhance their communication efforts and create an engaging and dynamic digital signage experience.

Two Active Screens: 

Van Vlierden successfully implemented two dynamic screens, strategically positioned within Van Vlierden's premises. These screens became powerful communication platforms, delivering captivating content and capturing the attention of employees and visitors.

Easy Customization with CMS: 

Leveraging Castit's user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), Van Vlierden created over 10 easy-to-edit custom slides with no help seeked from us. This allowed them to effortlessly update and customize their messaging, ensuring relevance and timeliness.

Library Integration: 

Castit worked its magic when it came to using the library feature by Van Vlierden. This feature allowed Van Vlierden to access large sources of content as well to showcase what they thought is important, by creating a captivating and immersive experience for their audience.

Big Clock and Weather App: 

Van Vlierden incorporated a prominent clock widget displaying real-time information to keep employees and visitors informed. Additionally, a weather app was integrated into the digital signage, providing up-to-date weather forecasts for enhanced convenience.

YouTube Embedding: 

Castit also incorporated YouTube embedding functionality, enabling Van Vlierden to share engaging videos and promotional content directly on the digital screens. This feature enriched the overall visual experience and encouraged audience interaction.

Custom Logo and Branding: 

By using the Enterprize package, Van Vlierden could use their bespoke logo, aligning it with their brand identity. This custom-made logo was prominently featured on the digital signage, reinforcing brand recognition and establishing a cohesive visual presence.

Engaging Slide Transitions: 

To further enhance the visual appeal, Van Vlierden incorporated captivating slide transitions into the digital signage content. These transitions created a seamless and professional viewing experience, captivating the attention of viewers.

Results and Benefits:

Van Vlierden's adoption of Future Forward's custom digital signage solution, Castit, yielded numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Communication: 

Van Vlierden successfully transformed their communication approach, engaging employees and visitors through dynamic digital signage. The visually compelling content effectively conveyed messages and ensured better message retention.

  • Increased Engagement: 

The combination of easy customization, library integration, prominent clock and weather displays, YouTube embedding, and captivating slide transitions resulted in heightened audience engagement. Employees and visitors were captivated by the interactive and visually appealing content.

  • Strengthened Brand Identity: 

The incorporation of a custom logo and consistent branding elements across the digital signage amplified Van Vlierden's brand presence. This cohesive branding strategy helped establish a strong and recognizable identity.

  • Streamlined Content Management: 

With Castit's intuitive CMS, Van Vlierden experienced streamlined content management processes. Updating and maintaining content became effortless, ensuring that information remained relevant and timely.


Future Forward's collaboration with Van Vlierden resulted in the successful implementation of a customized digital signage solution, leveraging the capabilities of Castit. The integration of two active screens, easy customization through the CMS, library integration, prominent clock and weather displays, YouTube embedding, custom logo, and captivating slide transitions transformed Van Vlierden's communication approach. The solution delivered engaging content, improved audience engagement, and strengthened their brand presence.

Future Forward takes pride in collaborating with Van Vlierden and providing them with an effective and visually appealing digital signage solution that met their objectives. The success of this implementation showcases Future Forward's expertise in developing tailored solutions that drive meaningful communication and engagement.

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