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Case Study: Enhancing Digital Signage for ICT Company

This case study delves into the issues our partner had with their previous digital signage, the solutions we supplied, and the beneficial effects on their business.

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Introducing the Client

At Castit, we recently had the pleasure of partnering with De Vrieze Networking, an ICT company based in the Netherlands. Our partner provides a broad spectrum of services to its clients, including digital signage. The collaboration began in 2019 when they approached us about a customized touchscreen solution

De Vrieze Networking is a respected ICT business recognized for its extensive service offerings. They serve a wide range of clients, assisting them with anything from network solutions to digital signs. In 2019, our partner sought our expertise to develop a custom touchscreen solution. Since then, our relationship has grown, leading to more collaborative projects aimed at improving their digital signage services.


digital signage for ict company



Our partner’s clients had been using another digital signage solution that was both confusing and unstable. This created tremendous frustration among their end-users, resulting in inefficiencies and a less-than-optimal user experience. The primary challenges included:

  • Usability Issues: Clients found the old system difficult to access, making it impossible to manage their digital signage properly
  • Stability issues: Frequent crashes and system instability disrupted operations, resulting in downtime and inefficiency
  • Lack of Customization: The prior system lacked flexibility, restricting the ability to modify the signage to specific client requirements.




Live Demonstration and Negotiation

To address these issues, we started with a live demonstration of our Castit Digital Signage Software. This allowed our partner to see firsthand how our solution could improve usability and stability. The demo showcased the intuitive interface and robust features of our platform, highlighting the significant improvements over their existing solution. After some negotiations, our partner signed our reseller agreement, marking the beginning of a strong partnership.


Seamless Transition and Customization

We worked closely with our partner to plan and execute the transition of their 6–7 clients to our platform. This involved customizing the digital signage solution to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team ensured that the transition was smooth, providing detailed training and ongoing support to both our partner and their clients. This helped to ensure that everyone was comfortable and confident using the new system.


Enhanced Stability and User Experience

Our digital signage solution was designed with a focus on stability and user experience. Clients of De Vrieze Networking can now enjoy a seamless and reliable digital signage experience thanks to our strong platform. Users were able to easily explore and manage their content because of the intuitive design, which dramatically reduced frustration and inefficiencies.



The impact of our solution was significant and positive. Here are some of the key outcomes:


1. Improved Client Satisfaction

De Vrieze Networking reported a marked increase in client satisfaction. The new digital signage solution was praised for its reliability and ease of use, leading to a more positive experience for end-users.


2. Reduced Downtime and Technical Issues

The stability of our platform drastically reduced downtime and technical issues, allowing our partner's clients to focus on their core operations without constant disruptions.


3. Enhanced Client Relationships

By providing a superior digital signage solution, our partner strengthened its relationships with existing clients and demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality services.


4. Potential for Growth

With the successful transition of their initial clients, the partner is now in a strong position to expand its client base. The positive feedback and improved satisfaction levels have paved the way for further growth and collaboration between our companies.


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Conclusion: Castit as a Reliable Partner

Our partnership with De Vrieze Networking highlights the importance of a stable, user-friendly digital signage solution for businesses. By addressing the challenges faced by their clients and providing a reliable platform, we were able to enhance user satisfaction and support our clients in their mission to deliver top-tier ICT services.

If your company is experiencing similar issues with digital signage, we encourage you to contact Castit. Let's collaborate to create a solution that fulfills your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.


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