de boer advies and notariaart digital signage for offices

Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness: Castit Digital Signage Software transforms X Fit Club

Discover how Castit helped De Boer Advies & Notariaat improve their customer engagement and strengthen their brand identity through a robust and reliable narrowcasting platform.

Introducing the Client

Notary Mr. Pieter B. de Boer founded Notariskantoor De Boer on September 1, 2003, and company has quickly established an exceptional reputation. It offers various advising and notary services in family law, real estate, and corporate law. Their office is located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.


de boer advies and notariaart digital signage for offices


Initial Challenges Faced by De Boer Advies en Notariaat

The client had the desire to improve client communication in their office and implement information display systems for this. They had three goals:

  1. Displaying Basic Information: showing crucial information such as weather updates, news, and their website content on digital signage screens
  2. Showing their website: displaying their website on a digital signage screen
  3. Corporate Identity: Integrating their corporate identity into digital signage templates

In summary, they were looking for a digital signage solution to ensure a seamless experience for their clients, potentially impacting client satisfaction and engagement.


Castit's Solution: Revolutionizing Digital Signage

To address these challenges, the client turned to Webstate, which in turn approached us. Castit offers robust digital signage software and provided a comprehensive solution that transformed their client communication through three key strategies:

  1. Implementing a Solid Digital Signage Platform: Castit offered an intuitive and flexible digital signage platform that enabled the client to easily display a variety of content. The platform's compatibility with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and ChromeOS, ensured seamless integration with their existing systems
  2. Real-Time Content Updates: The ability to process acute changes in digital signage content was crucial for our client. Castit facilitates real-time updates, ensuring that any changes to information could be instantly reflected across all screens. This immediate adaptability helped maintain the relevance and accuracy of displayed information
  3. Incorporating Corporate Identity: Castit's customizable templates allowed our client to effectively incorporate their corporate identity into their digital signage. This integration reinforced brand consistency and professionalism, enhancing their overall client presentation


Achieving Enhanced Client Communication and Engagement

The implementation of Castit digital signage software yielded significant positive outcomes for De Boer Advies en Notariaat:

  • Enhanced Client Communication: By leveraging Castit's platform, the client improved their communication with clients visiting their premises. The digital signage displayed essential information clearly and effectively, reducing client wait times and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Informative and Engaging Content: Clients visiting the client's location were entertained and informed with up-to-date news, weather updates, and relevant company information. This not only enhanced the client experience but also positioned our client as a forward-thinking and client-centric organization.
  • Professional Presentation: The integration of their corporate identity into the digital signage templates ensured a professional and cohesive presentation, reinforcing their brand image and creating a lasting impression on clients.


pieter de boer with digital signage castit


Conclusion: Castit as a Reliable Partner

De Boer Advies en Notariaat's successful transformation of their client communication and information display systems highlights Castit's expertise and reliability as a partner in digital signage solutions. By addressing their initial challenges through a robust and adaptable platform, Castit demonstrated its value in enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.
For businesses seeking to revolutionize their communication strategies, Castit offers a proven and effective solution. Whether it's displaying critical information, communicating with clients, or maintaining brand consistency, Castit stands out as a trusted partner in digital signage.


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