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Power of Digital Signage and Music: In Front Records' Success Story

Discover how In Front Records leveraged the synergy of digital signage and music to revolutionize their advertising game.

Creating Seamless Harmonies: The Intersection of Digital Signage and Music

Do you know that four out of five customers claim they’re more likely to make a purchase in-store if digital signage is present?

In this digital age, where every moment is an opportunity to captivate, the integration of digital signage and music unlocks a new realm of possibilities. It's a symphony where visuals and sound harmonize to tell a compelling story. Let's explore how this dynamic duo can elevate your business to a higher note.


Capturing your audience's attention is the key to success in today's fast-paced world. In Front Records, a dynamic player in the music industry, recognized this and was on the lookout for innovative ways to engage their audience. They needed a solution that would seamlessly blend digital signage and music to create eye-catching ads, convey their latest offerings, and keep their audience hooked.

Castit Digital Signage and Music

The Challenge: Modernizing Advertising for a Music Powerhouse

In Front Records is all about the beat, but they realized the rhythm of their advertising strategy needed an upgrade. They needed to communicate effectively and swiftly about their latest deals, special offers, and seasonal promotions. That's when they stumbled upon a powerful combination: digital signage and music.

Joining Forces with Digital Signage and Music

In their quest to bring a harmonious blend of digital signage and music to their advertising strategy, the client reached out to us. It all started with a visit to our website, where they explored our free version. Impressed by the capabilities they experienced, they didn't wait long to upgrade to our professional package.

Our partnership with the client evolved organically. We understood their unique requirements - the need to create captivating, up-to-date ads for their screens. Our goal was clear: enhance their audience engagement through a fusion of digital signage and music.

The Google Chromecast Possibility

As we delved into their needs, an exciting opportunity emerged. In Front Records inquired about the possibility of integrating Google Chromecast with Google TV on their portrait screens. This discussion opened the door to a world of new possibilities for their advertising endeavors.

castit running on google chromecast 4

The Impact: Where Digital Signage and Music Find Their Groove

The clients' experience with our digital signage and music integration has been nothing short of extraordinary. The ability to create compelling, up-to-date ads and synchronize them with their diverse portfolio offerings has significantly elevated their advertising game.

Our partnership has allowed them to keep their audience in the groove, whether it's Black Friday, Christmas, or any special promotion. With our seamless blend of music and digital signage, they've created captivating ads that strike a chord with their viewers.

Looking to the Future

The discussion about integrating Google Chromecast with Google TV has opened exciting possibilities. It's a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology to enhance our clients' advertising capabilities.

The clients' journey exemplifies the potent synergy of digital signage and music. It's an innovative approach that has yielded significant results and promises even more exciting developments in the future.

Castit Digital Signage and Music In Store Music


This' remarkable success story demonstrates that staying ahead in the music industry isn't just about the beats; it's also about staying ahead in advertising technology. The combination of digital signage and music offers an engaging, visually stimulating experience that resonates with audiences. With our partnership, In Front Records has successfully harmonized the rhythm of their advertising, making them stand out in the competitive world of music.

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