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Transforming Construction Company Communication with Digital Signage

Discover how Castit helped Boeve Afbouw, a leading construction company in the Netherlands, transform their communication efforts with innovative digital signage solutions.

Client Overview

Boeve Afbouw, a prominent construction company operating nationwide across the Netherlands, approached Castit Digital Signage Software with a unique challenge. With a desire to showcase their ongoing and completed projects while providing essential company information, pur client sought an innovative solution to enhance their communication efforts.


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Before using digital signage solutions, the client struggled to effectively communicate their projects and company updates to clients and stakeholders. Traditional methods of information dissemination, such as brochures and leaflets, were becoming outmoded and useless. With initiatives spread around the country, the organization needed a centralized platform for effectively promoting their work and engaging their audience.



We provided our client with a tailored solution to address their communication challenges. Leveraging our professional PC media player, our client installed digital screens at strategic locations within their offices. These screens displayed a dynamic mix of ongoing and completed project highlights, company news, and other relevant information. Additionally, upon request, we designed and implemented a custom corporate template to align with client's branding guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance across all displays.



Since implementing digital signage solutions from Castit, our client has experienced significant improvements in communication and engagement. Clients and stakeholders visiting their offices may now easily access entire project portfolios and important company information, increasing transparency and confidence. The client's ability to constantly update information allows them to keep their audience updated in real time, establishing better relationships and driving business success.


digital signage for construction companies


Looking Ahead

With two screens currently in place and plans for further expansion, our client remains committed to leveraging digital signage technology to streamline communication and enhance the client experience. As they continue to grow their digital presence, Castit Digital Signage Software stands ready to support the client every step of the way.



In conclusion, the implementation of digital signage solutions has revolutionized communication for Boeve Afbouw, enabling them to showcase their projects and company information in a dynamic and engaging manner. With Castit Digital Signage Software's tailored approach and innovative technology, our client has experienced improved transparency, enhanced client engagement, and strengthened brand reputation.

Ready to improve your construction company's communication strategy with digital signage? Contact us today to explore how Castit Digital Signage Software can help you effectively showcase your projects and engage with your audience like never before. Let's start this digital journey together and take your communication to new heights.


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