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Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness: Castit Digital Signage Software transforms X Fit Club

Find out how X Fit Club transformed their member engagement and streamlined communication using Castit Digital Signage Software.

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Introducing the Client

X Fit Club, a premier fitness center in the Netherlands, takes pleasure in offering its members with high-quality facilities and an unforgettable experience. The client, which is always looking for new methods to improve member engagement and communication, discovered Castit Digital Signage Software while conducting an online search. They were intrigued by the possible benefits and chose to test the system for free. Within a week, they were convinced of its usefulness and chose to completely integrate it into their business.


x fit club digital signage for gyms


Initial Challenges

Before adopting Castit Digital Signage Software, the client faced several challenges:

  1. Dispersed Information: Members struggled to stay informed because important changes, class schedules, and promotional information were spread across multiple sites
  2. Static Communication: Traditional posters and bulletin boards were frequently neglected and required manual maintenance
  3. Member Engagement: Engaging members and keeping them engaged was a constant challenge, particularly in a dynamic environment like a gym

The client required a complete digital signage solution to centralize communication, decrease manual effort, and improve the entire member experience.



After a brief testing phase, the client decided to implement Castit Digital Signage Software across their facility. They installed a total of 10 displays, carefully positioned in high-traffic locations such as the reception, workout zones, and locker rooms.

Key Features Implemented:

  1. Centralized Content Management:
    Castit allowed the client to manage all their digital signage content on a single platform. Whether it was class schedules, promotional videos, or motivational quotes, everything could be updated in real-time from one place
  2. Dynamic Displays:
    The screens presented a wide range of information, including real-time class schedules, forthcoming events, membership promos, and even live social media feeds. This kept members engaged and informed throughout their visit
  3. Interactive Elements:
    Some screens featured interactive elements, allowing members to browse through class descriptions, sign up for events, and even provide feedback on their experience
  4. Custom Templates:
    The flexibility of Castit’s software enabled the client to create custom templates that aligned with their brand identity, ensuring a professional and cohesive look across all screens.



The implementation of digital signage software had a significant impact on our client’s operations and member satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Member Engagement
    Members appreciated the real-time updates and dynamic content. The interactive screens allowed them to stay informed about class schedules and promotions, which led to increased participation in classes and events
  • Streamlined Communication
    The centralized content management system drastically reduced the time and effort required to update information. Staff could now focus more on member interaction rather than administrative tasks
  • Increased Revenue
    Promotional content on the screens effectively highlighted new classes, personal training sessions, and membership deals, resulting in an uptick in sign-ups and overall revenue
  • Positive Feedback
    Member feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They found the digital displays to be modern and helpful, enhancing their overall experience at the gym.


digital signage screen for fitness club


Conclusion: Castit as a Reliable Partner

X Fit Club's use of Castit Digital Signage Software exemplifies the potential of digital transformation in the fitness industry. By centralizing communication and engaging members with dynamic content, our client improved not just operational efficiency but also member experience, resulting in higher satisfaction and income.

If you want to alter the communication and engagement at your gym or fitness center, think about the transformative power of digital signage. Contact Castit Digital Signage Software today to see how we can help you take your facility to new heights.


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