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Transforming Office Spaces: Digital Signage for Marketing Agency Success

Discover how Creative Media Network harnessed innovative technology to showcase their digital marketing expertise and captivate visitors.

Client Profile

Our client, Creative Media Network, a well-known marketing agency based in the Netherlands, focuses on developing innovative digital marketing solutions for companies. With a focus on exciting marketing initiatives, they thrive on helping clients efficiently connect with their target audience.


digital signage solution for marketing agency 


Seeking to improve their workplace environment and effectively engage visitors, our client set out to discover a creative solution that would highlight their digital marketing expertise. Their goal was to create a dynamic area that reflected their corporate identity while also communicating their digital marketing skills to potential clients.



During their search for digital signage solutions, the client stumbled upon Castit's offerings online. Intrigued by the features and capabilities, they decided to test the system for two weeks. Impressed by its performance, they quickly jumped on the opportunity presented by Castit's Chromecast special offer. Following a brief 15-minute phone consultation, they promptly availed themselves of the Chromecast offer.



Currently, the client has successfully implemented one screen with Chromecast in their office space. This digital signage solution has revolutionized their office environment, providing visitors with engaging content while effectively showcasing the agency's expertise in digital marketing. The dynamic display not only captivates visitors, but it also solidifies our client's reputation as a forward-thinking marketing agency.


digital signage for marketing agency


Moving forward

With the success of their initial implementation, the client plans to expand their digital signage network in the near future. Leveraging Castit's innovative solutions, they aim to further elevate their marketing efforts and enhance client engagement strategies. By incorporating Castit's digital signage system, our client is well-equipped to continue delivering impactful marketing solutions to their clients.



Finally, the cooperation between Creative Media Network and Castit has proven to be mutually beneficial. By leveraging the potential of digital signage, the client altered their office space and effectively communicated their digital marketing skills to visitors. As they grow their digital signage network, they will be able to consolidate their position as the Netherlands' premier marketing firm.

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