Leenders Fietsen digital signage for e bike shops

Revolutionizing Retail: Digital Signage Transforms E-Bike Sales at Leenders Fietsen

Riding the Digital Wave: A Tale of E-Bike Retail Transformation through Innovative Digital Signage Solutions

Client’s Background

Introducing Leenders Fietsen, a major player in the e-bike retail scene in the Netherlands. Their sales shop boasts six large screens, making them a leader in the world of e-bike sales. Offering a diverse array of models and accessories, The client stands as a hub for e-bike enthusiasts. However, like any business in the dynamic retail realm, they encountered hurdles in conveying information effectively, highlighting their products, and curating an engaging shopping environment.


Leenders Fietsen digital signage for shops



Our client already had the hardware — six sizable screens that could potentially be powerful tools for customer engagement. However, they needed a digital signage solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing setup. Their vision included an informational section, an advertisement setup, and an Advertise app, dynamically showcasing their current and latest e-bike offers. The challenge was to find a solution that could meet these diverse needs without requiring a hardware overhaul.


The Solution Unveiled

Enter the Digital Signage Revolution. Our team collaborated with the client to understand their unique requirements and craft a solution tailored to their needs. Leveraging the existing hardware, we developed a dynamic digital signage system that encompassed an informative section, a strategically designed advertisement layout, and a bespoke Advertise app. This solution aimed not only to inform but also to capture and influence customer decisions.


Implementation Breakdown

The key to this success story lies in the synergy between the client's existing hardware and our innovative approach. We introduced the idea of incorporating Chromecast into their system, providing a seamless bridge between their screens and the dynamic content they wanted to showcase. This not only optimized their existing infrastructure but also opened up new possibilities for interactive and engaging content delivery.


Impacts and Stats

Since the implementation of the digital signage solution:

  1. Increased Customer Engagement: The client reported a significant uptick in customer engagement. The dynamic content, ranging from e-bike features to exclusive offers, has transformed the way customers interact with the brand.
  2. Boosted Sales: The strategically placed advertisements and real-time promotion of the latest offers contributed to a notable increase in sales. Customers were not just buying e-bikes; they were buying into an experience.
  3. Efficiency Gains: The Advertise app streamlined the communication of current offers, reducing the need for manual updates. This not only saved time but also ensured that customers were always in the know about the latest deals.

 Leenders Fietsen digital signage


Looking to the Future

As we celebrate the success of the current setup, the future holds exciting possibilities. The client is exploring the potential of integrating Chromecast further, enabling even more interactive and personalized content. The journey doesn't end with screens; it extends into a dynamic and evolving retail landscape.

In conclusion, the Leenders Fietsen case showcases how the right digital signage solution, tailored to existing infrastructure, can transform a retail space into an interactive and engaging environment. As we ride into the future, the wheels of innovation keep turning, promising more exciting developments in the world of e-bike retail.


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