Digital signage for sports bar

Elevating the Game: Castit Digital Signage Software Transforms Café Dug Out

Score big with Castit Digital Signage: Transforming Café Dug Out into a dynamic sports haven with vibrant visuals, heightened engagement, and a promising future of expanded screens

Client Introduction

Meet our client, Café Dug Out, the go-to sports cafe for fans of a prominent Belgian football team. Nestled in the heart of excitement, this vibrant spot is not just a café; it's an experience. However, like any business, our client faced challenges in keeping the energy high and the patrons engaged.


Challenges Faced

Imagine the buzz of a sports cafe during game night — the cheers, the banter, the camaraderie. Our client craved a way to not just capture but enhance this atmosphere. They sought a digital signage solution to elevate the sports-viewing experience for their enthusiastic patrons. That's when they stumbled upon Castit Digital Signage Software.


Digital signage for sports bar


The Journey

In the digital realm, discovery happens in myriad ways. The client found Castit on the Google Play Store, igniting a journey that would transform their sports cafe experience. A swift contact through our support system led to an online demo, where the potential of Castit became clear. The rest, as they say, is history — a seamless conversion into satisfied users.


Implementation and Impact

The client chose Castit for its user-friendly interface and flexibility. They seamlessly integrated it with Chromecast, a game-changer for their operations. The primary content revolves around dynamic commercials, adding a new layer to the vibrant ambiance. The visual allure of the digital signage significantly enhanced the patrons' engagement during crucial game moments and downtime.


Digital signage for sports bar Dug Out


Future Expansion and Customization

Client's success with Castit has sparked further plans. They're gearing up to extend the digital magic by connecting two more screens. The content for these screens is a canvas yet to be painted — an exciting prospect that holds the promise of even more dynamic and engaging experiences for the patrons.


Stats That Speak

Here's where the numbers tell a compelling story. Since implementing Castit, the client has witnessed a noticeable uptick in customer engagement. The dwell time has increased, translating into higher sales during peak hours. The immersive digital experience has turned casual viewers into regulars, creating a community around Café Dug Out.



In the fast-paced world of sports cafes, staying ahead means embracing innovation. Castit Digital Signage Software has not only met but exceeded the expectations of Café Dug Out. The vibrant visuals, dynamic content, and the future promise of expanded screens mark the beginning of a digital journey that's as exciting as the sports moments celebrated within Café Dug Out's walls.


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