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Revolutionizing Client Engagement: Hans Kalf Intercouiffure's Digital Signage Success Story

Explore how our client leveraged Castit Digital Signage Software to enhance client communication and elevate salon experiences.

Client Overview

At Castit Digital Signage Software, we have the pleasure of collaborating with Hans Kalf Intercouiffure, a renowned hair salon with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The client, founded in the Netherlands, has been delivering high-quality hairstyling services for more than ten years.


digital signage for service companies in netherlands 


Despite its stellar reputation, our client encountered a common challenge faced by many businesses in the service industry: effectively communicating with clients in a dynamic and engaging manner. With the advancement of digital technologies, traditional techniques of client connection are no longer sufficient to meet clients' changing expectations.



Recognizing the need for a modern solution, the client turned to Castit Digital Signage Software to enhance its client communication strategy. After discovering us through a web search, they eagerly signed up for our special Christmas offer, eager to elevate their salon experience.

With three screens strategically placed throughout their salon, our client seamlessly integrated our digital signage solution into their daily operations. Leveraging Google TV technology, they opted to equip one of the screens with a Chromecast, allowing for versatile content display and easy management.



Since implementing Castit Digital Signage Software, our client has witnessed a significant improvement in client engagement and satisfaction. By utilizing dynamic digital displays, the client has changed the salon setting into an interactive location where their guests can keep educated and entertained while waiting for their appointments.

The integration of digital signage has not only modernized Hans Kalf Intercouiffure's client communication but has also contributed to increased brand visibility and loyalty. Clients appreciate the informative and visually appealing content displayed on the screens, enhancing their overall salon experience.

As our client continues to prioritize innovation and customer-centricity, they are excited about the potential for further collaboration with Castit Digital Signage Software. With plans to expand their digital signage network and explore new features and functionalities, they remain committed to delivering unparalleled client experiences.


digital signage for service companies case study



In conclusion, the partnership between Castit Digital Signage Software and Hans Kalf Intercouiffure exemplifies the transformative power of digital signage in the service industry. By embracing innovative technology and prioritizing client engagement, our client has set a new standard for excellence in the salon industry.


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